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Me, Myself, and I.

Hello m’lovelies,

Welcome to my blog, I’m Aliyah. Currently living in the beautiful Scotland. I consider both Scotland and Tanzania to be my home.

I really enjoy: Writing, Yoga, Crystal healing, herbalism, running, photography, reading, and of course travelling – so the majority of my posts will fall into these categories.

Five of my favorite things:

1. Cold crisp mornings, especially if it is accompanied by a hot mug of Green Tea or coffee.
2. Road trips with the perfect playlist, snacks, and a insane people.
3. Spontaneous adventures.
4. Learning new customs, traditions, and languages of another country.
5. Mangoes / coconuts / cherries –  they make the perfect snack on hot days when you need something to cool you off.

Over the years I have travelled to:
Hong Kong
Mzuzu, Malawai
Nkhata Bay, Malawi
Zanzibar Island
Ireland (Multiple Places)
Canada (Multiple places // times)
Manchester, England
Corfu, Greece
Paris, France
Nairobi, Kenya
Diani, Kenya

and obviously various places throughout Tanzania.

Peace, A.

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