Feral Acceptance: The unlikely friendship

Surviving kitten, Sage.  “

Feral: A cat primarily born or raised in the wild,  which has never been socialized. 

Meet Sage, our feral kitten. Sage along with his siblings were left unattended for days by their mother at roughly two weeks old, during this time eight of them sadly did not make it and Sage was the only survivor.  For just over a week and a half, I took on the role of nurturing this fragile soul – feeding & stimulating him. Without proper supplies to look after the abandoned kitten we knew he wouldn’t make it.  Eventually we wrapped him up outside and left him in short bursts to gain the attention of his mother. By luck she came back for him, and a beautiful friendship occurred between a feral family and our own.

After rescuing her kitten, Luna would come back on and off for many nights. We would leave fresh milk and meat out for her to eat, and soon she started bringing Sage back to our Garden. Now Sage is off living on his own but Luna is still very much in our lives.

Luna, the Mother cat.
Luna, the Mother cat.

Luna has become part of our family, She “protects” us whenever  another feral cat comes near our house or the children. Luna keeps herself in immaculate condition – free of worms, fleas, and ticks. Luna is an exceptional cat, completely wild with no previous human interaction but has now accepted being picked up and touched.

In Tanzania stray/feral cats & dogs are not shown empathy – rather they are kicked, have rocks and various items hurdled at them, run over or brutally murdered. A first hand representation of horrific animal abuse and lack of human compassion.

Cats are intelligent creatures that are incredible survivors; we could learn a lot from these interesting characters. I have never experienced anything like the meeting of Luna and Sage. It started a chain of events which lead to other feral cats allowing me to be in their presence without batting an eye. For example, One mother cat from the street next to us allowed me to hold her two kittens while she sat peacefully beside me – I was the first and only person to hold them.

I guess people could call me foolish for working with feral animals where disease, and risk is very probable. As long as precaution is taking & complete awareness is given at any time – the result of showing even the slightest affection has the greatest reward.  These animals are as drawn to me as I to them – I can’t even begin to explain the relationship we create in the most unexpected situations.

There are so many websites & organizations available where you can learn how to support/volunteer with animals of all sorts that deal with issues such as: Feral, stray, abused, ect.

Compassion goes a long way! We are all more than capable of showing charity.

Peace, A. xo

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